Adamari lopez

Adamari Lopez is actress
Born Adamari Lopez Toro ! May 18, 1971 (1971-05-18) ! Humacao, Puerto Rico ! Spouse(s) Luis Fonsi(2006-present)

Adamari Lopez (Adamari Lopez Torres) is actress. She began his brilliant artistic career to seven years of age in the telenovela "Maria Eugénia" A year later won his first role that has as revelation children in novel "Yo sé mentía that." Besides acting, Adamari was also highlighted as a singer, dancer, dancer and model.

Atuou in "Camila" (1998) as Monica Iturralde, along with Enrique Lizalde (Armando Iturralde, his father), Gabriela Goldsmith (Ana Maria, her mother), Eduardo Capetillo (Miguel, her husband), Bibi Gaytán (Camila, her rival and protagonist of the novel) and Kuno Becker (Julius, her lover) and "Amigas y rivales" (2001) as Ofélia Villada, next to Ludwika Paleta (Helena de la O), Eric del Castillo (Roberto de la O 'father '), Michelle Vieth (Laura Gonzalez), Angélica Vale (Wendy Nayeli Perez), Arath de la Torre (Roberto de la O' child '), Gabriel Soto (Ulysses' el feo'), Manuela Ímaz (Tamara de la Colina) , Johnny Lozada (Johnny Trinidad), Marisol Mijares (Andrea Gonzalez), Susana Gonzalez (Ángela), Mayrín Villanueva (Georgina), Joana Benedek (Roxana / Carolina) and Rodrigo Vidal (Armando) and "Gata Selvaje" (Gata wild) (2002). These three soap operas were displayed in Brazil. Only "Gata wild" was not displayed by the SBT.

Adamari Lopez became known in Brazil, through the telenovela "Camila," on Wednesday interpreted the character Monica Iturralde, only daughter of the couple and adotiva Iturralde. Beautiful, ambitious, possessiva and invejosa, Monica was also stingy and arrogant, all these characteristics have been inherited, it is clear that his biological mother, who deceived the millionaire Armando Iturraldi to lie for him that the girl was his daughter, when in fact it was not . Armando and mother of Monica had a relationship so that she could give him a son, since his wife Ana María could not have children, years after Ana María dies of a serious illness. Against its rival, Monica felt hatred deadly because of their cause, it has not had the love and affection of her husband Sergio, who earlier had an affair with Camila and a son with her. What Monica did not know was that her lover Julius was also passionate for the same woman that her husband, which made its hatred still much greater. In this square love, Monica was just a point outside the geometrical figure, with no chance of achieving the love of her husband, nor that of her lover. After repeatedly trying to kill Camila, where Monica has just been arrested is killed by a detenta, after hiring a visit to kill Camila requested it, with the false story that he was sorry and I ask forgiveness. After discussing with his biological mother, who was also arrested in the same prison for complicity in the death of Armando, his mother to leave. Then Monica is covered by detenta hired to kill Camila. Why not be legitimate daughter of millionaire and for having caused his death, Monica had no rights in their fortune, and therefore would not pay the detenta by estranguladamente service and ended up being killed by it.

It has come to Mexico, where radicou in 1999. Currently Adamari Lopez lives in Mexico City, capital of the country. In 2004, Adamari Lopez began dating relationship also portorriquenho the singer Luis Fonsi. In April 2005, found that the actress had breast cancer.

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